Open source

  • is an open source algorithm visualization framework, designed to make the process of making a visualization as simple as possible. It was also the topic of my undergraduate thesis.
  • Django-serverpush adds serverpush capabilities to your conventional Django application. For example, if you have comments on your web page, you might want to display new comments live.
  • This is my fork of xmonad-log-applet. It's an applet for gnome panel that displays icons of opened windows on all desktops.

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  • Maps Engine lets you create your own maps. You start with the base map and add points, polylines, polygons, directions and more.
  • Google Music is a cloud media player that allows you to upload songs from your hard drive, buy new songs in the Play store and/or subscribe to All Access which gives you access to every song in the store.


We are a team of mathematicians and computer scientists with a mission to improve computer science education in Slovenia with a hands on approach. We develop software and prepare tasks for programming competitions and in class teaching. We work with ZRI and ACM Slovenia. Anyone can also use our software online for practice.

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