Yeah, I broke my eee's LCD panel.

I've ordered one from ebay two weeks ago and got it today. They've charged me extra 17€ for vat and some other unknown expenses. But anyway, here it is:

New display

Next step, of course, is to disassemble eee immediately!

Disassembled eee



motherboard (PCB MADE IN CHINA)

Throw the old lcd away, connect the new one... and...

Lid doesn't fit

this lid is too small!

Lid does fit

false alarm :)

And thats all. Pretty simple. Just connect the keyboard back with fancy connectors, screw back some screws...

Assembled eee

whoa, looks like eee again (got the keyboard working in the 2nd try). Now I only hope that this one will stay in one piece for a while (current record is less than 1 year).